“What is history?

An echo of the past in the future, a reflex from the future on the past”

Victor Hugo (1802-1885, French poet, novelist, and dramatist)



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Historia Vivens will take You on a charming journey in the world of an alive History...


Reenactments and Pageants, Festivals and Fairs, Tournaments and Jousts, Sacred and Folk Plays, Traditions and Customs, Music and Dance, Arts and Crafts, Flavours and Tastes, Men-at-arms and Heroes, Princesses and Witches, Great Battles and Sieges, Heroic Deeds and Daily Life Paintings, Ancient Myths and Sagas, Poetry and Love, Places and Mysteries... 

The History get dressed and colored, takes shape, lives and breathes through the flowing of Time.


This is the extraordinary magic of the Living History, a creative, interactive, first-hand experience and a really unique educational and recreational opportunity for the whole family and for all ages!  


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Browse the Historia Vivens European Calendar, a unique Living History & Reenactment database with plenty of information on a variety of upcoming events not to miss around Europe! From the Ancient Civilizations to the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance Age to the Napoleonic Era, History relives in all its magic!
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